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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To Himalayas In Winters

It is absurd even to think that going to Himalayas during Winters is sane. However, there is no greater adventure either. There are many people who wait for the extreme weather to visit the highest lands in the world. This is surely adventures, but highly hazardous as well. There are number of precautions one should take before setting out to the mighty Himalayas in Winters. And none of them are to be ignored as slight carelessness could be life threatning.

Here are the Precautions that one should Keep in Mind before engaging in the greatest adventure possible.

1 . Make sure the woolen clothes that you carry along are good enough to withstand temperatures as low as -50 C.

2 . Keep Handy all the necessary medications and first aid equipments. You cannot ignore even a minor medical condition like stomach ache or small scratches.

3. . Trekking through the snow covered slopes at high altitudes with nothing above you except blue skies is unmatched feeling. This also leaves you uncovered to direct sun rays along with extreme cold. So carry along sun creams, hats and shades to avoid sun burns

4 . If you are driving your own vehicle, carry extra tyre tubes and other necessary wires and equipments. The next mechanic could be some kilometers away (around 100 may be).

5 . Always keep few days in reserve for your return. You never know when the road gets blocked and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

6 . Tinned food is the best option if you by chance get stuck somewhere. It might take days for clearing of the road.

7 . Last but not the least, always keep on informing somebody about your location.


workhard said...

To places like these.. its best to go with a guide..


sachin said...

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