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Monday, October 10, 2011

LML Scooters

When people think about scooters, LML is the brand which strikes first in their mind. LML India is the leading manufacturing company of scooter. This two-wheeler company started with a man power of 120 people. LML Limited innovated the style of Scooters in India. With collaboration with Piaggio, LML India manufactured some good segments of scooters. With passage of time the company earned great profits and entered into venture with Daelim of Korea for manufacturing LML Bikes

LML India is mainly in productions of metal body geared scooter. It has come up with some sizzling models like NV Xpress, Select II, Star Xpress,Pulse and the Sensation. Later LML scooters company launched two-stroke metal body geared scooters, comprising two and four-stroke plastic bodied gear less scooters, both in geared and gear less versions.

Top Models of LML India

LML Bikes

LML Scooters

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