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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mercedes-Benz sales increase 36% to 561 units in May

Mind set of peoples are converting from money as a priority towards luxury  indian car and comfort, to chill out their entire day’s pressure, as the life in current scenario gets packed with stress and work load. Although they are very exclusive but give the satisfactory drive, style, class and its prices are started min by 25lakhs. 


The famous luxury car motor manufacturer has explosion the auto sector this May by its sales of 36 percent by 561 units. The best example of calm, comfort and luxury is Mercedes-Benz whose sales have increased to “Thirty Six Percent” from its previous year and sold 516 units in between Jan to May 2011 and if we compare May 2010 the sale was 411 units.

Benz’s excellent commanding Class-C is documented as 45 percent expansion by 314 divisions even in May 2010 only 216 divisions was sold and in Class-E which raise with 14 percent by 130 divisions even in May 2010 it was 114 divisions. If we look in to the stats, in 2011 from Jan to May Mercedes calculates 3233 units has sold as compared to same duration in 2010.

All together Benz’s Indian Sedan Segment encompasses of Class-C, E, S grew by 51 percent since Jan to May’11 period by recorded retailing of 2830 divisions even in last year it has calculated as 1873 divisions. In SUV category comprises of Class-M and Class-GL also recorded the expansion of almost 200 percent i.e. 344 divisions since Jan to May 2011 even in last year it has calculated as 117 divisions.

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