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Monday, May 30, 2011

New Car Launches

Now a day’s Indian Cars industry is expanding on larger scale with abundant of features in it. Recent Audi, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Ford, Volvo have introduced their new launches with incredible efficiency of engines with different engine variations.
Price: Rs 45, 00,000/-
Largest Germany giant 4-wheeler producer has recently RS5 model. A sporty striking giving the impression of being high class with the engine performance of Turbocharged 4.2 L and 7 speed gearbox in it. R5S engine’s performance is having max 100kmph powers, and 430Nm torque’s along with all over dimensions of 4649mm lengths, 1860mm width’s and 1366mm height’s.
  • Sporty package perfect for the track
  • Performance and superb handling abilities
  • Audi’s brand value
  • Not much except for the price
Price: between Rs. 6, 99,000 to Rs 10, 75,000/-
A South Korean automotive manufacturer has freshly initiated a new sedan car based on RB theory in 1.4L & 1.6L petrol and diesel variants. Verna carries engine with incredible efficiency with max power of 106 Bhp and 138 Nm torque. All over dimensions of 4649mm length’s, 1860mm width’s and 1366mm height’s.
  • Looks and styling
    Safety Features
    4 Engine options
  • Rear seat comfort
    Small door pockets
Price: Rs.3, 55,000 - Rs 4, 66,324/-
Now, Chevrolet Beat is also available with LPG kit. Beat LPG carries engine with unbelievable efficiency with max power of 79 Bhp and 104 Nm torque. Dimensions are 3640mm lengths, 1595mm width’s and 1520mm height’s.
  • Value for Money
    Stylish Exteriors & Interiors
    High Mileage
  • Rear Door Opening Handle Placement May Not Appeal To Everybody
    Chevrolet's Poor Reputation
Price: Rs.7, 50,000 /-
In Indian automation market, a new four wheeler has been introduced by Ford. New Fiesta is again compatible with the bench mark of comfort and style by Ford. A B+ segment with hatchback feature is well designed interiors and with inbuilt Air Conditioner is defining its uniqueness. It is comprised with immense performing engine with max power of 120 Bhp and 120 Nm torque. Dimensions are 4410mm lengths, 1722mm width’s and 1473mm height’s.
  • Appearance
    Spacious interiors
    Safety Features
  • Less rear leg-room
    Confusing controls on central console
Price: Rs 50, 00,000/-
XC60 is a D5 SUV D+ Segment luxury new launch of Swedish automation manufacturer Volvo. It is consist of enormous fuel proficient engine with max power of 185 Bhp and 400 Nm torque. Dimensions are length’s 4628mm, 1586mm width’s and 1713mm height’s.
  • The safest car with advanced safety features
  • Most compact crossover.
  • Expensive

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