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Monday, February 21, 2011

Electric Cars in India

Today most of the car manufactures are looking at options and new innovations to reduce carbon emission and the best way most see a solution in the problem is to use a cycle or to walk to your destination however for long distance its not a correct answer .

Car makers have been working on this problem since the birth of the modern cars , initially steam engines were being experimented but did not fetch a desirable solution for long the discussions and R&D have been taking place and finally the solution has seen few car makers manufacturing the solution named the “ Electric Cars ” .
History of Electrical Cars :
The cars running on electricity enjoyed great popularity during mid 19th century and early 20th century when internal combustion was not common .The electrical cars had an advantage of less sound and smell compared to the gasoline cars till early 1900 . And now the electrical cars are once again in the spot light and enjoying its growing popularity . The cars in electric model has been as beautifully designed as in any other segment and in 1947 Nissan showcased its sports model the “ Tesla Electric car” which one of the first of its types .
Modern age Electrical cars :
Today the concept and manufacturing of such a car is seen as a great hope and desire not only because it will drastically reduce the carbon emission but will be a great help to face the rising fuel prices .
The Electric cars have been given a new lease of life and has seen a number of car makers launching its electrical car models in the market and Indian market will also soon have many electrical car models on road with Reva as one of the first and the “ E-Spark ” to be launched soon in the economical segment . Now there is a sudden awakening seen in the car makers to compete each other to launch electric cars in most of the segments in Indian market . 
The Car companies and their Electrical car models :
Car Model : Tara Titu
Tara International motors is one of the car makers that is set to capture the market in the lower and economical segment of the Indian car market .

Price :Rs. 99,000 Approx.
Running Cost : Rs. 0.40 per kilometer
Number of seat : 2
Speed : 55km/ hr
power : 5KW
Time to Recharge : 8 Hrs
Distance covered in every recharge :130 Km
Chevrolet is all set to relaunch its model named Spark in the electrical segment which is seen as one of the most awaited cars in the Indian market .

Price : Rs. 350,000
Number of seat : 4
Time to Recharge : 10 Hrs Approx .

Car Model : Chevrolet Volt

The car manufacturing giant is all set to soon launch its luxury hatchback in the electrical segment . The car is packed with high end luxury and technology .

Price : Rs 35,00,000
Number of seat : 4
Time to recharge : 10 Hrs
Distance covered in every recharge : 40 miles .

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