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Wednesday, January 12, 2011




The winter season can freeze out your automobile along with you. It is advisable and appropriate to keep your vehicle and its components warm and keep them going. The battery, fuel tank, coolant and oil can all go “cold” in the extreme temperatures that the vehicle is put through.


  1. During extreme temperatures, the strength or the amperage capacity of the battery can be dwindled to half its output

    TO DO
    - On extremely cold nights, you could place a battery charger onto your battery. Use the trickle charge option only in order to make sure you do not overcharge your battery, which isn't good either.

  2. The fuel lines shut down after the engine stops, condensation can begin to form inside the fuel lines. If they reach the throttle before the actual fuel, the vehicle will not be able to turn over.

    TO DO - Using the correct dry gas in your fuel lines will help prevent condensation from forming. Also check with your dealer or your owners manual before dumping any old dry-gas product down the tank.

  3. Because of the extreme differences between a cold engine and a running engine, it doesn't take long for a cold engine to heat up because of the coolant. If the temperature of the antifreeze is not correct, the engine block can quite easily crack.

    TO DO -Install a block heater inside the engine compartment near the engine block. the electricity, from the plugged in electrical plug using the AC, will help keep the engine oil and the coolant inside the block of the engine warm until demand is called upon it for start up.

  4. The tires on many cars begin to harden due to the cold temperatures and lose their ability to grip the road surface properly.

    TO DO
    - Replace your vehicle tires with the winter weather tires that perform better as they contain more natural rubber and advanced silica compounds which reduce the hardening process and improve grip in cold, damp conditions.

  5. If the vehicle is parked outside in inclement weather, the flywheel and starter wheel can become frozen.

    TO DO -Park the automobiles in a closed garage, away from the harsh wind and chilly weather conditions.

  6. Besides the above mentioned, the following precautions are also advisable.

    TO DO
    - Regular the car check ups will go a long way in preventing the problem of “no-starts” in this harsh and brutal winter.


Kim said...


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Best Regards
Kim Roddy

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Dianne Grover said...

Winter season is really a hard time for cars because these are exposed to snow, salt and mud that may cause several automotive problems. These maintenance tips and also proper auto detailing Aspen CO you have imparted will surely help car owners be able to prevent such problems and possible accidents due to mechanical malfunctions. Thank you for sharing this post.

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