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Friday, November 13, 2009


Car Comparison - BATTLE OF SPEED


Opting for a powerful can be a tricky task. With the biking giants like Hero Honda and Bajaj battling it out in the segment, speed freaks are left out with a bang – up choice. The launch of the second Avtaar of Karizma – the Beast has prepared grounds for a fierce competition with Bajaj Pulsar 220. Here is an informative comparison between the two speed machines.


There is not much to compare in the engine of both bikes with each having 200+ cc engines. While Pulsar has a 219cc engine, the Karizma ZMR has 225cc engine. Pulsar oozes out 20 bhp while ZMR 17.6 bhp.. Both use fuel injection system. These things are important considerations while choosing one.

Gear box: ZMR's gear shifting is smoother and it’s easy to find neutral while in Pulsar the down shifting isn’t as much smoother. Both Pulsar and ZMR use lever-type gear changer as in most sports bikes.

Suspension: ZMR's front suspension has Telescopic Hydraulic shock absorbers and rear has 5-step adjustable according to road conditions. In Pulsar 220, both tyres have the same 5-step adjustable suspension system but the Nitrox gas charged.

Instruments: Karizma ZMR has fully digital including the tachometer which has been designed in round shape under a horizontal digital display which looks very cool especially at night. With dual color illumination - tachometer lit in white while the rest in an orange back light the BIKE gives a perfect PRESUMPTUOUS look. While Pulsar has one LCD and one analog tachometer. Quality of switches is better in Karizma than in the Pulsar. The Instrument cluster is best looking part in Karizma ZMR. Insert the key and you are greeted with a long scrolling message which ends with "Bon Voyage Fly Safe".

Brakes: Both bikes have disc brakes on both the tyres but the in Pulsarrear brakes are poor and you might as well feel that these are like drum brakes as you have seen in erstwhile Bajaj Chetak scooter. Karizma ZMR's brakes are better with no chance of skidding.

Design: Bike appearance can be a personal and vary by what and how one looks at a bike. However Karizma’s styling and bodywork makes it a Masterpiece. A full body fairing & a bold ZMR logo on front wills urely catch your eye. Pulsar design and styling is inspired by Hayabusa (as in like the rear view mirror fitted on the fairing directly).

Maneuverability: Karizma ZMR has a large wheelbase is quite large making it stable around the corners and in straight roads too. Pulsar is too bulky when cornering. However both could be fine and at par in this regard.

Engine Noise: Pulsar engine note has similar feeling as from its the Pulsar family like the 150cc, 180cc and the 200cc. While ZMR's engine is quite refined with very little noise. Even at 90 kmph speed its noise is very low and refined with little to no vibrations.

Mileage: With improved Programmable fuel injection technology, Karizma ZMR has better fuel economy. Pulsar too gives around 42 to 47 kmpl of petrol. However looking for a 200+ cc bike, it can't be a benchmark but a matter of concern surely.

Self Starter and Battery: Both the bikes have excellent pick up. Karizma ZMR having Programmable FI technology is marginally better in terms of pick up.

Price: On road of Pulsar 220cc comes to around Rs. 86,000 in Delhi while Karizma ZMR comes at Rs. 91,000.

The exuberant features and sporty look ZMR is definitely a far more better option than Pulsar 220. A perfect blend of STYLING, TECHNOLOGY & SAFETY ensures top speed on roads. The Experience and Expertise of biking giant Hero Honda backs the new avtaar of the Beast. If looking for a stormy ride, ZMR's an excellent choice.


Karizma ZMR
Displacement 225 cc

Transmission 5 speed

Maximum Power 17.6bhp @ 7000rpm

Brakes Disc on both

Price Rs 91,000

>Sporty full body cowl
>Blistering Integrated LED tail light
>Fully Digital Console
>Exposed drive chain

Pulsar 220
Displacement 220 cc

Transmission 5 speed

Maximum Power 17.6bhp @ 7000rpm

Brakes Disc on both

Price Rs 86,000

>Stylish body panels
>Fuel Injection engine
>Exposed drive chain

By : Saranjeet Singh


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