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Monday, November 24, 2008

Adventure Motorbiking Tips

Though motorbike adventure travel has been a real hit in most parts of the world, India has not yet taken to this form of adrenaline rush. And I really don't know why it has not being promoted to the extent it should be. There are some places where major steps have been taken in this direction, but on an overall India level, the infrastructure for motorbike adventure is almost nil.

Even if there are no planned tours, there are many people who are a mix of motorbike and travel enthusiast, who just pack their bags one morning and leave for another exotic location with their two wheeled buddies. And this is that time of the year most of them have been waiting for. The start of winter season is the best time to hit those long and straight roads, sometimes leading to nowhere.

As interesting and breathtaking the whole experience is, it requires equally strong precautions and planning.

Here is a guide that tells you about the things that you should keep in mind before setting out on the journey and things to take care of when in between the journey.

1. The two wheeler is your lifeline through out this trip. So make sure it is in a perfect condition. Get it serviced and replace parts that are about to jump off the bike.

2. Keep with you necessary spare parts like clutch and accelerator wire, regulatory spark plug, additional tyre tubes in puncture kit.

3. Carry with you full camping gear. You never know when your bike falls for a picturesque but completely desolated spot, fakes a break down, and refuses to budge an inch.

4. Always use a branded and ISI approved helmet. Please no cheap trick in this aspect. There is no police to deceive. Just you and your safety. Use a non tinted visor for better, brighter and dust free viewing.

5. A good and comfortable pair of gloves to save your hands from blisters and to give you a better grip on the handle. A biking jacket also goes a long way in protecting you from bad weather and decreasing the fatigue.

6. No way are a route map or a GPS navigator are to be left behind. Cox' way is what you may loose if you don't have them. They will help you with alternative routes if the main one is blocked.

7. This is the last but the most important tip. Get your blood group verified and carry the information with you. You never know when emergency asks you for a lift.

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